Aikido Club at OCBC

Orange County, California

909 South Dale Avenue
Anaheim CA 92804
(714) 827-9590

Member: Seidokan Aikido


Adults: Monday & Wednesday evenings, 7:00-9:00.

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Dan Kawakami, 6th Dan, Seidokan Aikido
Director of Aikido Club of OCBC


Kawakami Sensei teaches the principles of Aikido through an emphasis on breathing, posture, and the correct distribution of tension and relaxation in the body. He is often heard reminding students to relax their upper body, to stand up straight, and to pay attention to harmonizing with the attacker now, in the present. To focus on throwing the attacker separates the mind and body, interfering with the effective execution of technique. When the mind and body are unified, the result is seemingly effortless techniques that are nonetheless effective and efficient. More importantly, mind-body unification will lead to calmness under stress, awareness and the ability to respond effectively and appropriately to the demands of everyday life.


Morihei Ueshiba, Founder, Aikido

What is Aikido? Directly translated, Aikido means,
"A Way of Life through Harmony with Nature." Aikido was created by Morihei Ueshiba, also known as O'Sensei. O'Sensei realized that the true goal of martial arts is not destruction of an enemy, but the protection of all living things. The ideal of Aikido is to harmonize with an attacker so completely that the attack is neutralized. Often, the attacker ends up throwing him/herself. Conflict is thus resolved without serious injury to either party. Interestingly, the physical techniques and principles learned on the mat have useful applications in daily life.

Roderick Kobayashi, Founder, Seidokan Aikido

Seidokan Aikido Seidokan means "sincere" or "fundamental truth." Seidokan Aikido is a style of Aikido developed by the late Roderick Kobayashi. It stresses the on-going analysis and refinement of techniques with the goal of making them more efficient, while still conforming to the principles of Aikido. Mastery of Seidokan Aikido requires students to focus on the principles of Aikido, including unifying mind and body, extending Ki (energy), and acting within one's range of effectiveness.





909 South Dale Avenue
Anaheim CA 92804

(714) 827-9590

Dale is one-half mile east of Beach Blvd. The parking lot is the second driveway north of Ball Road. The dojo is in the Social Hall at the right rear corner of the parking lot.

Additional Contact Information

Dan Kawakami, 6th Dan
(714) 528-1221

Paul Lin

Brent Danninger
(949) 499-8183

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